Terry Grosvenor Hutchins Lust,


Drawing of apple head child

you're the apple of my eye,

you're a little sweety pie


Photo of kitten peeking out of pie

you have very yummy thighs Belgian french friesthey taste just like Belgian fries

you like your diapers dry

when they're wet you start to cry

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you're so sneaky

Terry sneaking around lamp post
you're so sly

Painting of onions, radishes and mushrooms in bowl when reversed looks like a face

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you like corned beef on cracked ryeCorned beef sandwich and happy face plate

you're a plane that likes to flySmall blue pedal plane and space shuttle way up high in the sky

You're so handsome my oh my

Two girls gazing at Terry

Two girls sighing
Young girl with flowers and invitation

Handsome Terry

all the girls just stare and sigh

Three girls eyeing Terry

Two young ladies in grass Two woman looking towards Terry

you're my baby that's no liePapa and Terrythat's all for this lullaby

Terry Grosvenor Hutchins Lust...

is a great guy!

Kiss from a camel

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