Terry's Terry facevery extraordinary

and he likes cherriesBowl of cherries

Bowl of blueberriesespecially blueberries

and he likes dairyCow' uddersCheese assortmentbecause it's necessary

and a room that's merryDrawing of happy sunand sunny and airy

Fat green canary with a fat green canary
that reads French dictionariesFrench dictionaryGreen and white canary

(but when it's dark be wary

(mouseover image)

because it's very scary!).


He rides his dromedaryBrown camelApothecaryto the apothecary

Virgin Mary reading book







where he's a luminary
among the literary
for screeds incendiary
contra Virgin Mary
condemned in seminaries
by all those catholic fairies

(mouseover baghead images)

 and he's not GaryBag over head of Gary Coleman

or HarryBag over head of Harry Potter

or JerryBag over head of mouse named Jerryor LarryBag over head of penquin named Larry...

he's Bag over head of TerryTerry!

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