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The Broken Bridge

Love Letter to a Memory
Small photo of rose with alabaster head
Death in a Winter Sky
Small photo of city night lamps
Small photo of man's eye
Another First Date
Small photo of woman with pearl tears
A Random Phonecall
Small photo of hand on phone receiver
Reflections Upon Rejections
Small photo of woman standing ocean
Girl Before A Mirror, 1932
Small photo of Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror
The Lost City Revisited
Small photo of Atlantis Harbor
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Madrigal in Elegy
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Remains at Wells
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A Forest Trail Invocation
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On the Banks of
The Eurotas
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Miami Suicide
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The Philosopher's
Last Kiss
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An Old Hoplite
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Beneath The King's Panoply
of Arms
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The Fortress of Aigosthena
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The Classical Limit
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A Window Near
The Cure
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I Miss You
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The Boy and The Sea

Red Milk

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